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Segregation on campus row re-erupts as PM joins debate

The row over sex segregation on campus has erupted once more, as a spokesperson for David Cameron has said that the Prime Minister “Does not believe that guest speakers should be allowed to address segregated audiences.”

Sex segregation at religious meetings took the country by storm earlier this year, after allegations emerged that the University of Leicester’s Islamic society had allowed sex segregation at one of its meetings.

Universities UK, a group of university leaders, suggested guidelines last month that endorsed sex segregation at certain university events, so long as it was “side-by-side.”

The spokesperson for Mr Cameron said that “He does not believe that guest speakers should be allowed to address segregated audiences, so he believes that Universities UK (UUK) should urgently review its guidance.”

The Education secretary, Michael Gove, also entered the debate, telling the Daily Mail on Friday that “Speakers who insist on segregating audiences should not be indulged by educators,” and implying that any educators who allowed them to do so were “pandering to extremism.”

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) was asked by UUK this week to “provide a clear and public statement about the law and the relevant policy considerations.”

The issue has been inflamed further when the Mail on Sunday today ran an article apparently showing images of segregated seating in the Students’ Union from a meeting earlier this year.

The University of Leicester, the University of Leicester Islamic Society, and the University of Leicester Students’ Union Womens officer did not provide comment at the time of publication.

9 comments on “Segregation on campus row re-erupts as PM joins debate

  1. If this was the Rugby club AGM with sex segregation i’m sure Harry Wells would have written a long rant about misogyny and the evils of the white man.

    Where is the Ripples resident white knight on this issue?

  2. Why shouldn’t they be allowed sex segregation? I mean it’s their religion. It’s not extremist if that’s their view.

    Has anyone reported this article to the representative for ethnic minorities?

    Maybe they didn’t comment because they’ve backed themselves into a corner here and can’t say anything without offending one group. ‘I don’t want segregation’
    ‘Stop persecuting a religion’
    ‘I think segregation is ok.’
    ‘You don’t care about women.’

    1. Your logic is insanely flawed and you clearly don’t understand the definition of persecution.

      Nobody who appreciates the values of equality in our society can do anything but oppose this 100%

      1. I’m afraid you’ve been overcome with an acute bout of stupidity. Maybe it’s time to quit university and begin your promising career at McDonalds. Don’t worry it doesn’t take long to get those 5 stars.

          1. I’d be sure to write it down, I assume with all the challenges you have to remember to breathe every now and then you may forget it.

  3. I totally agree with David Cameron on this. Sex segregation is pointless and should not be tolerated. Would anybody tolerate segregating people by skin colour? I highly doubt it. So they shouldn’t tolerate this.

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