Christmas Issue Puzzle Solutions!

The Christmas Special Edition of The Ripple is out now! It is available both at university and as a PDF on this website (bottom right of home page).
We hope you’ve enjoyed the puzzle page in this edition, please let us know if you’d like to see more puzzles in the future issues of The Ripple.
Here are the solutions…
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Christmas Crossword SolutionChristmas Crossword Solution
Christmas Crossword SolutionChristmas Crossword Solution
Christmas Quiz
1.       What are the names of the 3 reindeer who begin with “D2?
Dancer, Donner, Dasher
2.       Under the branches of which plant do you exchange Christmas kisses?
3.       What does finding a spider web in your house on Christmas symbolize?
Good luck
4.       Finding a coin in your Christmas pudding fortells wealth. What does finding a button in your pudding foretell?
5.       Name the 3 Wisemen
Casper, Balthazaar, Melchior
6.       Who wrote a Christmas Carol?
Charles Dickens
7.       Where did the real Good King Wenceslas Rule?
8.       Where would you be if your Christmas gifts were bought by “Shengdan Laoren”?
9.       What was the name of the boy in the TV film “The Snowman”?
10.   Which alcoholic beverage is used to make a Snowball ?
Song puzzle
Name the Christmas song from the first letters of the title
1.    S C I C T T         Santa Claus is Coming To Town
2.    I S M K S C       I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
3.    I D O A W C     I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
4.    R T R N R         Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
5.    A I A M             Away In a Manger
6.    O C A Y F         O come all ye faithful
7.    O L T O B         O little town of Bethlehem
8.    SN                      Silent Night
9.    LIS                     Let it snow
10.  TTDOC             The twelve days of Christmas
11.  HTHAS             Hark the herald angels sing
12.  WWYAMC       We wish you a Merry Christmas
Word Ladder
Changing only 1 letter each time get from STAR to BELL
Changing only 1 letter each time get from GIFT to TREE


3 comments on “Christmas Issue Puzzle Solutions!

  1. It’s spelt Santa Claus. The clue even said (5, 5) so why the solution has 5,6 and why the crossword itself had 11 boxes.

    In the printed edition there was no clue for 19 down.

    You’re on the naughty list.

    1. Mr Santa, we’re very sorry for the mistakes in our trial crossword.

      I can promise you that future crosswords will not feature such errors.

      I’d also like to let you know I’ve been a good boy this year,
      -Samuel Osborne

      1. Don’t worry Sam, I put in a good word for you. The quality of the Ripple this year definitely gets you on the ‘good list’.

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