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Dark Comics, Darker Comedy

Since the release of Avengers Assemble in 2012, Marvel films and television series have been getting noticeably darker and more serious in tone and dealing with more complex issues, a clear alterationfrom the comical, upbeat bombastic fun of the phase one cinematic universe. This year will see the beginning of phase three with both Captain America: Civil […]


The Strawberry Generation

Well, there are several traits that distinguish millennials from the generations before them. Going by my own observations (intense lurking), these traits can trace their roots back to one thing: the Internet. For my generation, it would appear that the Internet has become this glorious little virtual womb in which we, Generation Y babies, spend all of […]


A Fairy-Tale Finish

It is finally official. Leicester City have won the Premier League. They lifted the trophy for all to see in Victoria Park, despite seemingly unimaginable at the start of the season, with every game and every win it became more likely. Few dared to dream that Leicester would win, many pundits and fans alike believing […]


Student Racism: Are We Doing Enough?

A racist incident unfolded at Warwick University in which a student was targeted in their Halls of Residence, which, in turn, has spurred on support from Twitter users and from countless other University’s media groups, including ours. After the incident occurred, in which student Faramade Ifaturoti found bananas in her student accommodation communal area which […]